How We Help

Upskilled Academy is a coaching and training program designed to help Early Career Talent gain the skills and knowledge they need to break into growing career fields. The program contains five modules using (five P's): (1) Process (2) Proceed (3) Produce (4) Product) (5) Platform.

Early Career Talent participants learn how to process in order to shift their mind set before proceeding to produce a product to engage employers on our platform

Coaching and training begins with learning how to slow down, check your thoughts, create goals, build resumes, create an elevator pitch, implement interview techniques, and develop job search strategies.

Here's how our academy works




Upskilled Academy helps people
discover their true self for growth
and advancement.




The Academy also provides career
training to help prepare for the
right career opportunity




Alongside coaching and training, connect with

recruiters, open jobs and virtual recruitment events that will also help with career advancement

The 5 P's framework

⦁   Process

⦁   Proceed

⦁   Produce

⦁   Product

⦁   Platform

P- Process to fact check your thoughts. Your thoughts are very powerful and they can determine the direction you will take in your life and career.

P- Proceed by deciding what you are going to do to get the life and career you want. Devise a plan of action with concrete steps to move you forward.

P- Produce a strong elevator pitch. Learn how to market yourself and develop strong interviewing skills to land that job you're seeking.

P-Product is your job seeking, eye-catching resume. In the end you will develop a strong resume.

P- Platform is where you will use all the skills you've developed to engage employers and demonstrate that you have the skills and abilities to land the job you've been seeking!

How do I get started?

Please tell us how Upskilled Academy can help meet your goals and a member from our team will contact you. For more information about how we can help and pricing contact us directly at 202-641-0879 or